Embroidery            Advantages  By far the most elegant and stately of logo representation, yet not costly. Locations - Literally anywhere on shirts, chest front, backs, collars, sleeves, napes. Caps-Front, sides and back arches. Can also be applied directly to a variety of surfaces, clothing, sports bags, caps, cooler bags, diaries, leather, sports equip, golf & other towels, robes etc. etc. Retains it’s colour and lasts longer than most print. Disadvantages Usually requires a limited amount of space right around the item in order to frame it in the machine. However all is not lost, in some cases an embroidery patch (badge) can be made and fixed to the item. Thin fabrics (e.g. T-shirt, sweat management fabrics, silks, satins etc.) don’t generally lend themselves well to LARGE logo’s or lettering. The stronger and more stable the material is, the better it will embroider. Shading, gradients and shadows in a digital logo, are lost or not workable in small embroideries. We normally convert these to a solid colour or omit them with no detrimental effect to the basic logo. Thread colours are limited to a few hundred choices. Any colour matching by Pantone etc. must be done to the nearest thread colour (normally the variance is unnoticeable) Digitizing. This is the process of converting a digital picture (your logo) into stitches. Your logo is “digitized” by us, in-house, which provides us with the coding for the embroidery machine. (Pass your mouse over the SA Flag to see the digitizing code for a 7cm SA Flag. Each white dot is a stitch. You can also see the direction and density of the stitches in the colours. This flag comprises of 6688 stitches - Go ahead, count them!) Digitizing your logo is a once-off and can be used over and over again at re-order time. All that’s required from you is:- The BEST rendition of your logo, wording etc,  that you have, preferably in a VECTOR format. - e.g.  PDF, Corel, Illustrator or PNG format. (Bmp’s, Gif’s and Jpg’s are composed of pixels which can frustrate and blur the digitizing process, particularly on small pocket size embroideries.) The font name and/or font file of any unusual fonts contained in the logo. We then provide you with an accurate full colour 3D image depiction of what the logo will look like in stitches for you approval, changes and comments. Beautiful ! Branding Main Page Promotional Stuff Specials, New Ranges, Promotions BEE Rating & Certificate click for a closer look Survived 2 years in the Antarctic !