Sublimation Printing (a.k.a. Dye-Sublimation) This process involves the use of specials inks which are heated to a gaseous state. Under this heat the fabric fibres expand allowing the ink gas to permeat into the fabric fibres. When the fabric cools the ink (dye) is fixed in the fibres. Advantages  Stunning colour depth and brightness  - Brilliant !!!!. Any picture, photo, logo can be done. All shading and gradients are retained. The best washability and durability of all printing methods. No hard crusty ink on the surface. No ink feel whatsoever. Doesn’t crack or fade like other printing. Ink penetrates right into the fibres becoming part of the garment. Absolutely no extra costs like Screen & Setup costs. Perfect for light coloured Polyester Sweat management, Techno-Dri (Altitude) and E-Dri (Barron) type Golf shirts, Soccer shirts Sun Shades Overalls Patches Clock Faces Coffee Mugs Mouse Pads Ceramic Tiles Umbrellas Aprons Shopping Bags Mini Flags  etc etc. Disadvantages  Can ONLY be used on light coloured Polyester or Polyester/Cotton blended fabrics. Not suitable for 100% cottons. Click thumbnail to enlarge Swatch Gallery: Photography by: Cellphone Camera Zoom Factor: Approx 4 times actual fabric size Branding Main Page Promotional Stuff Specials, New Ranges, Promotions BEE Rating & Certificate
Most Vibrant Colours of any printing Process